Portfolio Industry & Design

3D modelization and visualization has already proved invaluable to the industry markets, enabling organizations to improve the cost-effectiveness of simulations while giving them a unique standpoint into the behaviors and aesthetics of products or projects.
I will work with your engineers and designers to give life to your projects using the most advanced techniques in the field of rendering.
My expertise covers the following areas:

  • Modelization or file import/enhancement of your 3D models,
  • Lightning, rendering for creation of 3D realistic images,
  • Creating 3D animation movie and/or corporate film.

The quality and precision of my works is an ongoing quest, in accordance with your brand identity and your goals.

SolidTech - Fall Protection Safety Net for Moonpool

MBH - Launch And Recovery System

TRIPLEX - For the roughest condition

MOBYH - Tank Cleaner

NOR-PRO - Ship Equipment of Norway

Varde - Treprodukter


GJØCO | Eggedosis

Richards - Jewerly Design


Romain Paulits

Sveggaveien 18 - 6508 Kristiansund Norway
+47 99 09 19 16